16 lut 2017

breaking the habit

I quit smoking on the 2nd September 2016. It was a great deal for me... I smoked for 7 years. I honestly liked it. Sometimes I still miss it. It was like a lover to me. It was so much more than a habit. Actually I never even looked at it as if it was a habit or an addiction. I was addicted to the whole vision of smoking. Like when you meet up with a friend 'just for a cigarette'. Now I say 'just for a moment'. Nothing's alike anymore but at the same time everything is so much better now. I'm happy I quit :) I'm proud of myself. I don't smoke for how many days now? Hmm... gotta count. WOW! 168 days (!) and I keep on cheering on and encouraging myself. Maybe it's not a long time for some of you but the last time I counted I was in the 80th day, now it's 168!! WoW! Can't be amazed by my achievements more :) Any of you quit recently or are planning to? Boldly share guys, I really await for your experiences and your real-life stories.

Remember, if you want to contact me privately, do not hesitate. Simply go to the webpage bookmark "contact". To make it easier for you below I enclose my email address. Can't wait for you! :)


Here's a photo I took last summer when I was still smoking. I'm sentimental about it somehow. Let me know what are your thoughts.

Niniejsze dzieło podlega ochronie prawnej na mocy ustawy o prawie autorskim. Ochrona prawa autorskiego jest chroniona z mocy prawa.